Most Frequently Asked  Questions

What is your operational hours?
Our Coworking Space is accessible for members 24 hours. But if you need to do registration or purchase membership please come in front desk hours. Front desk hours on weekdays is 8AM-9PM and on weekend is 8AM-5PM.
It would be my first time in Tropical Nomad, what do i get?
For the first timer, we offer Free Trial (midnight to midnight access of internet) and it's totally free! (available only on Saturday or Sunday).
Can i just come or should i make appointment first ?
You can just come during front desk hours! no need to make an appointment, our front desks team will happily give you a tour of our Coworking Space and help you with the registration.
Can i rent meeting room / skype room without being a member?
Yes you can, we rent our meeting room / skype room for non-members too. However, the price would be different for non-member.
I'm interested on hosting an event in Tropical Nomad, who should i contact?
If you're interested on hosting an event in Tropical Nomad please feel free to reach out to our event coordinator by email to ayu@tropicalnomad.org then she will get back to you!.